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Published On August 12, 2013 | By Joe Gordon | Film TV & Theatre, News

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Chris Buchal and his cast and crew have a Kickstarter running for a pretty fascinating time-travel short film, Reality Check. Drawing on influences like Memento, Primer and Twelve Monkeys, the film follows Elion – she worked as an insurance fraud investigator. But not just any old insurance fraud, Reality Check uses time travel to go back and ensure that no-one pulls a fast one on them. Elion has her own motives though – if she succeeds she can indulge in her own time travelling to find out what happened to her missing family. But when you start travelling in time you may make changes that could rework the entire web of your life…

I’m a sucker for a good time-travel tale, the offer up such fascinating “what if?” possibilities which also come with enormous potential dangers (of course there are things we’d all like to change if we could… But should we? How can we know the ramifications of any change we go back to make? Even a small change may, over years, lead to vast differences in how our lives and others should have turned out…). The team seem to have a good plan for the film, with a decent break down on the costs and funds required. And of course if you are thinking about investing, it’s also worth considering that helping up and coming new talent to make intelligent SF films may help them get the chance to go on to make intelligent work on feature length films and not just some spectacular but ultimately empty effects driven flicks, and that’s always something worth supporting.

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