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Published On March 7, 2013 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Film TV & Theatre

The Everything Comes Back to 2000 AD blog has an announcement up about the Judge Minty fan film (for those unfamiliar with Dredd history, Minty is an elderly judge who is forced out when his judgement becomes erratic – he thinks maybe they should show compassion instead of violent crack-downs on perps. He chooses the Long Walk, where a retired judge leaves the city, often to go to the Cursed Earth beyond and “bring law to the lawless unto death”). I’ve not had a chance to see it yet, but know several who have and they have all spoken very highly of this not for profit fan film, so I am keen to get a chance to view it. It is still on the film festival and convention circuit, with screenings coming up this month at the Edinburgh Bootleg Film Festival on March 22nd and the Dundee Comic Expo we blogged about earlier which is on March 30th. Once the festival screenings are done the makers intend, rather laudably, to post the whole film online later in the year for all 2000 AD fans to view, which is great news for the many who haven’t been able to catch a screening near them. More as we hears it.

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