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bob godfrey tribute nick abadzis

It seems to have been a bad few days in terms of losing some of the people who brought many of us enjoyment over the years. We lost Bob Godfrey, a British animator who had worked on all sorts of animated projects across the decades, but will forever be beloved by many of us for animating the adventures of Roobarb and Custard, just a few days after the actor Richard Briers, who narrated the cartoons, had himself passed away (oh, that Roobarb theme tune, still gets me every time, almost impossible not to hum along to it). And then just after that we learned that BBC designer Ray Cusick had died at the age of 84, Ray being the designer of Terry Nation’s most wonderfully diabolical cybernetic monsters of all time, the Daleks, surely one of the most iconic monsters since Frankenstein’s creation. I was thinking of how to mark these sudden losses from creators who had given a huge amount to our collective childhood experiences (and for many of us still part of our adult experience because we refuse to grow up entirely), but a couple of days apart didn’t that Nick Abadzis chap go and do his very own art tributes to Bob and then to¬†Ray? So with apologies to Nick for shamelessly borrowing both his images, but I thought they were perfect tributes (art by and (c) Nick Abadzis, borrowed shamelessly from his Tumblr, which you should be checking out regularly anyway).

ray cusick dalek tribute nick abadzis

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