Desert Island Comics – Episode 69 – Christian Maiwald

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Time once more for our regular (ish) feature where we take a comicker and drop them off, nothing but their favourite 8 comics and a single luxury to their name, on our exclusive series of desert island locations.



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This week it’s Christian Maiwald, integral part of the editorial team at German comics publisher Reprodukt, now coming up for their 22nd year in the comic business. Reprodukt not only publish the who’s who of worldwide literary comics (Burns, Tomine, Simmonds et al) but are also the publishers for a wave of great German artists including Mawil, Anke Feuchtenberger, Arne Bellstorf.

Over to Christian…

Desert Island Comics – Episode 69 – Christian Maiwald

There are so many books I´d like to take! And now, when I look at the list, euro comics are seriously underrepresented, but most of these would be Reprodukt titles I´m afraid. Here we go, me on an island with a couple of books:

from hell1

From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell

History and fiction blended with some magic and darkness. The Alan Moore furmula at its best. Eddie Campbell perfectly captures the roughness and intensity of Moores great storytelling. Amazing. Whenever I felt like getting lost on the lost island I´d dive deep in “From Hell”.


Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz

Whenever I feel in a hole or in distress I feel magically attracted to “Peanuts”. No one here says everything is alright. The fact that life in the end is meaningless should not keep us from accepting that we can still laugh and feel good and warm. On a desert island this might be helpful to keep the spirits up. And there´s plenty to read.


Krazy & Ignatz by George Herriman

OK, it seems I’m bending the rules, or in other words: I’m stranding with a shelf. But I like these so much! The art! The layouts! The language! The love triangle!


Here by Richard McGuire (RAW)

So here´s a short one: Even though it´s only a couple of pages long “Here” encapsulates so much of what makes comics so special to me: It´s straightforward and multi-layered, overflowing and still restrained, experimental and immediately accessible, playful and existentialist. It´s 100% comics. And there are a million stories in these few panels.

(You can read this one over at Dan Berry’s Comics Bureau, as well as a short film inspired by McGuire’s comic)


Kunsttheorie versus Frau Goldgruber by Nicolas Mahler

Mahler´s stories about becoming and being a comics artists contains so much of what we all know and experience as fans of an underrated art form. No other comic book has made me laugh this much.


Acme Novelty Library by Chris Ware

I like people and artists who are searching. Chris Ware´s books are a perfect example of how exciting this can read. From early strips to current longer narratives (#19 being the standout issue) we can follow him finding his voice, which was strong from the beginning. On top there is Ware´s flawless graphic design, his eye for typography and general surprising design ideas. Lovely on many levels.

Fig 3_I am not these feet_Leka

I am not these feet by Kaisa Leka (absolute truth press)

I can wholeheartedly relate to this true-life story of making the best of a disablity, or even more: The empowerment accepting the facts and embracing the options brings. The situation may be crap but it´s possible to deal with it and not wrong to make the best of it. Could be helpful in a desert island situation as well.


Pixy by Max Andersson (Jochen Enterprises)

To label Andersson´s story as mere crazyness would be a serious undervaluation. In “Pixy” we may see consumer culture, politics, love etc. through a twisted lens but all of it is closer to real life than might be obvious at first sight. In the late 90s this was one of the two or three books that opened the door to alternative comics for me, a door that just doesn´t want to close. The first couple of pages are still blowing me away. What a ride! I can certainly need some excitement on the island.

Luxury item: chocolate – Don´t tell me you could live without!

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