Comics: Tripwire at 21 – a Kickstarter project

Published On February 19, 2013 | By Joe Gordon | Comics


Tripwire, that venerable veteran of Brit comics publishing, is 21 this year, and to mark it Joel Meadows and friends have a special book to celebrate this milestone in comics coverage. The 21st anniversary special will come in paperback (and some limited edition hardbacks) and boast new or rarely seen artwork from some top talent, including Walt Simonson, Mike Mignola, Philip Hale, Howard Chaykin, as well as some of the best content from Tripwire’s 21 years (and that includes articles on some major figures such as Joss Whedon, Alan Moore, Joe Kubert, Guillermo Del Toro and more), a look at some of the trends and movements that have come and gone in comics over the period, the best and worst comics to movies adaptations and much more. There’s a Tripwire fundraiser running for it right now and celebrating this landmark in a much-loved Brit comics & genre journal is well worthy of your support.

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