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Published On June 8, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

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21 years ago, 19-year old Joel Meadows started a little comics and media magazine. 58 issues later and Tripwire celebrates it’s anniversary with the much promised, oft delayed, finally distributed and all available to buy from a shop near you Tripwire 21.

This 21st anniversary issue contains 177 pages of old and new material, offering us a perfect distillation of Tripwire the comic magazine, covering two decades plus of comic and media related goodness. We’ve featured Tripwire many times over the years here on the FPI Blog, as it’s been a magazine we’ve enjoyed over much of it’s history. Personally, I can’t remember which of the issues was my first, but I can certainly remember reading some of the single colour covered issues from early on in Tripwire history:.

tripwire 21 28

So it’s been a welcome bit of nostalgia to read the 21st anniversary issue, and with 21 years of history there’s an awful lot to look back on, huge changes through the years, so many great comics (and a fair few bad ones, but we’ll not spend too long pointing at them and laughing here), so many creators, so many films… and to be honest, this bumper look at the history of Tripwire rather flew by, an enjoyable nostalgic read.

Just a few of the items of interest; David Baillie rounds up 21 of the most influential people for 2000AD these past 21 years, profiles of Alan Moore, Michael Moorcock, Image Comics, Valiant Comics, 21 years in pictures, Joel’s favourite 21 Tripwire covers, a look at celebs writing comics, an article on comic book movies over the years including a run-down of the best, and worst (the worst I would absolutely agree with – see below), a look back at the highlights of Tripwire’s history, a pick of 50 essential graphic novels reviewed through the magazine’s history, and a sombre moment to consider all those creators we’ve lost along the way. In between the articles we have some of the bright and best of comics contributing artwork and comics.

Tripwire 21 is available from comic shops in June 2013. Worth your time and cash.

tripwire 21 23

tripwire 21 79

tripwire 21 38 Mike Perkins

tripwire 21 22 henry flint

tripwire 21 74 tim bradstreet

tripwire 21 roger langridge

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  1. That Rory piece by Henry Flint is going to give me The Midnight Fear. I don’t want to look at it, but as with the 1979 Animal Kwackers Annual I kept picking at like a scab, I just can’t help myself. It’s the eyes!



  2. Joel Meadows says:

    And you can order it from Diamond in the current Previews. Item number JUN131448 on pg 378