Comics: The Private Eye by Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin

Published On March 25, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Previews


I’m not supposed to be writing this. I’m really not. I’m supposed to be doing one of several things that isn’t writing this. I’m meant to be collating the latest lot of choices for the FPI Most Wanted feature, I’m meant to be writing up a Desert Island Comics feature, I’m meant to be reviewing many, many comics that have been kindly sent to me, I’m meant to be doing life stuff……

But no. There’s a new project from Brian K Vaughan and artist Marcos Martin with colourist Muntsa Vicente, available for download at the Panel Syndicate site for whatever price you want to pay. Issue 1 was released last week. I just got round to throwing cash the projects way this weekend just gone. Here’s what they say at the Panel Syndicate website

Welcome to Panel Syndicate, where artist Marcos Martin and writer Brian K. Vaughan deliver original comics directly to readers around the world, who pay whatever the hell they want for each DRM-free issue. Our first new storyline is THE PRIVATE EYE, a forward-looking mystery we created with colorist Muntsa Vicente. Set in a future where privacy is considered a sacred right and everyone has a secret identity, The Private Eye is a serialized sci-fi detective story for mature readers. You can download our 32-page first issue right now, for any price you think is fair. 100% of your payments go directly into our greedy mitts and will help fund the rest of a story that we’re both very proud of (we hope there will be around 10 issues total; an old-school “maxiseries!”), so thanks for reading…

It’s a great intro issue, a perfect opener, a great chase, all crashing into the comic title page, and back into the investigation that led us to the chase in the first place. Sci-fi gumshoeing, Blade Runner with brighter colours.

A breathless chase across buildings,¬†paparazzi¬†turning to parkour runner after photographing something strange, something that may well be important, there are police involved, but these aren’t normal police, not unless normal police are using paintguns now. This is a strange little sci-fi tale, futuristic citiscapes, dreamcoats, urban camoflage, body suits, and much more besides. We’re deep into the future sure, but like all the best sci-fi it reflects the now, and we can see ourselves in what’s here. This time we’re a couple of generations down the line, us now still around, faded tattoos on wrinkled skin, fumbling fingers trying to work our cutting edge tech that doesn’t have any relevance anymore to a world where the Internet broke many, many years back, where privacy is all important.

Cinematic obviously, but helped greatly in that through both Martin’s impressive and beautifully coloured artwork and the landscape formatting, something digital works a lot better with. Landscape = no scroll down on the screen, or landscape = turn the tablet round. Either way it works. I’ll be in line next issue for more.

Private Eye 01 1

Private Eye 01 2

Private Eye 01 3

Private Eye 01 4

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