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Published On June 15, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Comics For Children, The Phoenix Weekender

Well, something like that anyway. The PM programme on BBC Radio 4 from Wednesday 12th featured Paul Gravett doing his thing and talking with enthusiasm and knowledge about comics for kids. Opposite him, without enthusiasm, and lacking knowledge as well, we had Terry Deary. It was all down to this weeks Beano featuring Charles and Camilla:


Terry Deary, fair enough, does mention he’s talking about comics from many, many years ago, but then tars everything with pretty much the same brush. Worse, when asked what to do about comics suggests getting writers in to sort them out rather than letting these rubbish cartoonists trot them out.

Gravett dishes out a gentle kicking for the bland Beano, citing the great old days of Leo Baxendale, and goes on to point out that children’s comics and graphic novels are incredibly strong right now, citing Gary Northfield’s┬áTeentinysaurs, Andi Watson’s Gum Girl tales, and really lavishing the praise on The Phoenix Comic.

You can listen to the segment on the BBC iplayer until Wednesday 19th. Click the pic below, the comic stuff starts at 51:30.

New Picture


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3 Responses to Comics: Royal Beano vs The Phoenix…

  1. The Beano is pretty bloody strong at the moment. Funny, full of life and invention. Great art. A unified whole that does what the Marvel and DC supermass usually fails to achieve. This week’s issue was weaker, or possibly just softer than usual, to accomodate the VIP guests. Nobody’s going to hoik tomatoes at His ‘n’ Her Regal Parsonages.

    The digital Dandy…I’ve been meaning to write up my thoughts on that. It’s something special.


  2. Thanks chaps! At least you spelt the name of my book right ­čśŤ