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Published On July 5, 2013 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, The Weekly 2000AD

Dave Evans, the Strontium Dog of the Brit small press comics world, tells us that they have finished cooking up a new edition of the long-running FutureQuake. FQ number 23 is available now and boasts some eleven strips inside a cover by the excellent Kev Levell (check it out below, isn’t that fab?).

futurequake 23 cover kev levell


dogbreath 27 cover ben willsher

In addition to this there’s a double helping of the popular 2000 AD fanzines with issue 18 of Zarjaz (with Ben Willsher cover, below) and featuring a summer Dreddworld special, and Dogbreath 27, again with cover art by Ben Willsher (see above), both out now and highly commended to all 2000 AD fans. Full details and how to order them (at some pretty good prices too) on the FutureQuake Press site.

zarjaz 18 cover ben willsher

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One Response to Comics: new FutureQuake out now

  1. Wow! How awesome are THOSE covers?!

    Not only do we get a weapon-totin’ Elvis – always a good thing from the always brilliant Mr. Levell, but with Zarjaz and Dogbreath we get what is possibly the world’s first ever double wrap-around cover(s)! Love the way they join up – I want this as a poster, please!