Comics: DFC Library in paperback, new Jamie Smart, and Etherington Brothers goodies up for grabs

Published On July 28, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Comics For Children

The DFC Library has previously only been available in hardback (lovely hardbacks, perfect as gifts, look great on any child’s shelf), but from August five of them will also be available as a series of softcover graphic novels.

dfc 1

You’ll notice from that set of six, that there’s a new book in the DFC Library, exclusive to this softcover set; Fish-Head Steve by Jamie Smart. Which is long overdue a collection, a very, very funny book from Smart, all about a boy who wakes up one day and finds that he’s got a fish head, and everyone else is in a similar position….


Yep, definitely one to read.

To celebrate this new softcover set including their book Monkey Nuts, The Etherington Brothers have a mega-pack of goodies available over at ebay. This includes all this:


Full details over at The Etherington Bros blog. Pride of place is one of Lorenzo Etherington’s original pages from Monkey Nuts, (page 33 in the softcover) and an original, unused cover design for Monkey Nuts: The Diamond Egg of Wonders.

In addition to all this, you’ll get these rare Etherington Brothers thingys…

The first ever appearance of Monkey Nuts in print! A copy of the Guardian Newspaper’s “The Comic” supplement from 23.02.08. A signed 11.5″ x 16.5″ print of the unpublished and never-before-seen “Chumptown Returned” double page spread from the second Monkey Nuts adventure. A copy of issue 22 of the DFC comic featuring the VERY RARE “Galleonpocalypse”Monkey Nuts cover. The only Monkey Nuts page ever written by Lorenzo – the “My Other Banana’s a Comic” DFC promo flyer. Both issues of the Guardian comic featuring the “deleted scene” two-part “Night of the Living Chumps” Zombie storyline which was cut from the final Monkey Nuts book! A copy of the Monkey Nuts paperback signed by Robin and Lorenzo, with an original sketch of Sid and Rivet by Lorenzo.

Phew. Sounds good. The ebay auction for Monkey Nuts runs until 1st August, which is also the date all six DFC Library softcovers are released.

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