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Published On February 20, 2013 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

cerebus high society art auction dave sim

Tim at the A Moment of Cerebus site drops us a line to alert us to an auction of original artwork by Dave Sim, some ten pages from Cerebus: High Society, which you can see and bid for online at the Heritage Auction site until tomorrow (in person bidding is the following day again). Tim has previews of the pages under auction on his site, along with a chat with Dave Sim himself, putting some context to why he is selling some of his original art and how he approached it, which is quite interesting in and of itself:

Tim: Would you prefer to hang onto all your original art, and if so, why? Once you have a high resolution scan, what is the merit in holding onto the original art? Do you see this as your pension fund to sell at a future date, or would you prefer to keep the Cerebus Archive as complete as possible as part of your “legacy”?

Dave: Well, “legacy” in quotation marks pretty much sums up the current status quo, but, yes. The essence of the Cerebus Archive is the original artwork. Like the Andy Warhol Museum. What’s the point of the Andy Warhol Museum? The paintings and the prints. The pages aren’t stored in the house but the house, all the contents of the house and the off-site storage are considered the Cerebus Archive. That’s what I see as my job to preserve. MY work and OUR — Ger’s and my — work. No scan can do justice to original artwork although the technology is getting better. I don’t think it will EVER be as good as the original art.”

strange death of alex raymond dave sim

Tim also has an update on Dave’s progress on his as yet unfinished Strange Death of Alex Raymond, the legendary cartoonist, which was serialised in Glamourpuss but is still a work in progress, with Sim discussing various ways of completing it, including a possible monthly with a major comics publisher, while he works on the story and the large amount of research the subject requires.


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