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Published On September 20, 2013 | By Joe Gordon | Books

The late Ray Bradbury has been one of my favourite authors since I was first introduced to his work around ten or eleven years of age (and encouraged by a great, supportive English teacher who didn’t care about age ranges if he thought you understood and enjoyed the work), and I consider his Fahrenheit 451 – a dystopian future where books are forbidden,in order to control what people think, and firemen are there not to put out conflagrations as in our world but to burn the banned literature – to be not just one of the major science fiction works but also one of the most important English-language novels of the 20th century. Here’s a very rare edition of the book, bound, rather appropriately perhaps, in asbestos – burn that, fireman! – and it is now up for sale on Ebay (now at bids of $1000 when I checked it). Probably best kept in a sealed container for health reasons, of course! But what an imaginative edition of one of the great anti-censorship books of all time. As BoingBoing (whence came the link) notes, that fireproof jacket may not be enough to save it from the dreaded Mechanical Hound…

fahrenheit 451 bradbury asbestos bound

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