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Published On August 4, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Best Cover EVER?, Comics

Best Cover EVER? It’s a regular question we pose, knowing that we can never really get a definitive answer. 

This week we welcome Matt Jones, story artist in the animation industry and a great, great fan of Ronald Searle and his wonderful works. As such Jones runs the Perpetua blog, a showcase for all things Searle. Jones is also one of the team behind the Animated St Trinians project

But right now his main focus is the excellent plan to get a Ronald Searle exhibition to the Cartoon Museum, San Francisco in November. And to do this, he’s been organising a Searle tribute auction of art pieces and assorted Searle wonders. We’ve already told you about the Searle In America Blog and the auction is now live here. Go bid if you can, it’s all for a great cause.


That was Jones’ own contribution to the auction: “It’s my interpretation of one of my favourite Searle characters Mr Lemonhart, who was part of an advertising campaign for LemonHart Rum which Searle illustrated throughout the 60s.”

Okay, without further ado…. Matt Jones’ Best Cover EVER?….

2000ad 626

2000 AD Prog 626 Slaine ‘The Horned God’ – cover art by Simon Bisley

Why: Bisley’s fully painted art on the cover and INSIDE blew my mind!

I’d never seen anything like it. I’d followed his ABC Warriors strip and knew this guy was different to everyone else working in British comics- it was like having a UK Frank Frazetta.

Plus ‘Slaine’ was the closest thing to a comic story based on Welsh myth that I could find.


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