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Published On August 25, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Best Cover EVER?, Comics

Best Cover EVER? An impossible task? Perhaps not, and here’s another suggestion, this time coming from Christian Maiwald, one of the editorial team at Reprodukt, makers of fine, fine German comics for many years. You can find Christian’s choices for Desert Island Comics here at the FPI Blog.


676 apparitions de Killoffer by Killoffer (L´Association). Cover art by Killoffer.

This cover has all it takes to make it a classic: Killoffer´s fist fight version of ligne claire, his distinctive typography and a great red colour that is just screaming for your attention. Marvelous. Seriously, who could divert his or her eyes seeing this and not pick it up?

The story inside of Killoffer facing his inner demons in all it´s gory glory might not be something for everyone, but… that cover!


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