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Published On January 27, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Best Cover EVER?, Comics

Best Cover EVER? is our feature where we get together and ask the comics world the question…. what is the best cover EVER? Except don’t tell anyone, but we know it’s a lie…. there is no best cover EVER, just your best cover or my best cover. This is fortunate as it would have been a very short series if my first pick would have been the last.

This weekend it’s the turn of Pete Rogers, writer of the 2011 Interactives graphic novel, currently working with a number of different artists on new graphic novel and mini series ideas including Flux and Forgotten Planet. And again, it’s another cover I remember from my time at Nostalgia & Comics. As I recall, we had hundreds and hundreds of copies of this bundled up in the basement. A 13-year old Pete could have used the covers as wallpaper – I think he’d have loved that!

Action Force Holiday Special 1987 – cover art by Mike Collins

When I was 13 I thought Action Force (the UK version of GI Joe, combining reprints from the US with new material) was the best thing since sliced bread.  I collected all 50 issues of the weekly title, and like many people the characters I gravitated to most were Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes.    So covers where they featured were all iconic to me. But one in particular stood out to me above the others, the 1987 Holiday Special – SNAKE EYES…ALONE!  Here was my favourite hero in peril, gun in one hand, grenade in the other, out-manned and outgunned.  It had me itching to see what was inside.

Fast forward to today and I’m lucky enough to call the artist behind this exceptional cover a friend.  Mike Collins lives about 5 streets away from me, he’s a fellow member of Cardiff Comic Creators and one of my drinking buddies.  Which I’m not quite sure my 13 year old self would actually believe.  And thanks to Mike, I am now the proud owner of a t-shirt with this very cover art on the front.  So the best cover ever couldn’t really be anything else really now could it?

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