Art: Wally Wood’s Sound Effects…. and much more

Published On October 19, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Well, this is quite something, and not something I’d seen before, a brilliant Wally Wood piece from Mad looking at sound in comics, proof once more that no matter what you think, there’s always something wonderful you’ve never seen before …. (Via Browse The Stacks)

Oh, and whilst I was looking at some of these, I figured you may want to share just a few of Wood’s beautiful pieces; the range, the variety, the invention … Wally Wood, 1927 – 1981, EC alumni, Mad man, pioneer of self publishing… one of the best. If this little lot enchants and impresses as much as it should, have a look at IDW’s Wood Work collection.

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The Spirit in “Outer Space,” art by Wally Wood, story Jules Feiffer, edited by Will Eisner.


02_thespirit_eisner_wood_1952july27 Outer-space-spirit-33

Two Fisted Tales – 1952, Custer’s Last Stand – complete tale here.


Movie Ads and the movies they purport to come from….  from Mad…. (more here)

Mad 014 Wally Wood 002 Mad 014 Wally Wood 003

Frontline Combat v1 #2, 1951


Daredevil #7, 1964, Wood introducing the classic red costume…

dd7 Image (12)

The famous “22 panels that always work”:

Wally Wood

And we’ll end with a couple of homages to those “22 panels”…. the first by Michael Oeming using his Powers characters comes from a Robot 6 article:

The history of 22 Panels That Always Work is an interesting one, and thankfully technology writer Joel Johnson has compiled the entire story in a post describing its origin and how he ended up buying the original collage Hama created. Johnson has posted high-resolution scans of the original, as well as asking Hama himself to describe how the original came to be. Here’s what Hama told Johnson


Steve Tillotson:


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