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Published On October 5, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

We looked at a few of Pascal Campion‘s delicious pieces of art back in May in one of Sunday’s art for art’s sake posts, but since then it’s been a regular delight to revisit his blog and wonder at the quite beautiful work on there.

This time I thought I’d share a series of Campion’s pictures all based around one room. It’s tenuous perhaps, but in many ways we’re in sequential art territory here, as we’re simply filling in the intervening time between pictures in the panels / pages/ pieces. The gutters may shift us many months in time, but it still works. Alternatively, it’s simply gorgeous to look at…

Here’s the first….

pascal campion 8

And here are the rest, but first, here’s what Campion had to say about it…

“I am using the same drawing as yesterday but trying a different story with it. I am curious to find out how many stories, moods, weather conditions I can come up with the same location….and a small one at that.( That kitchen is not big). To be honest, this idea came about because for the past few weeks I have been busier than usual with work and it’s been harder to do proper sketches( lack of time AND focus..more important than time in a lot of cases!)…so I figured..well.. I’ve always wanted to try different seasons, and times in one location and this would be a good time to try it out. Let’s see if for the rest of the week I can come up with something different each day with this!”

pascal campion 7

pascal campion 6

pascal campion 5

pascal campion 4

And under the cut… more artwork…

pascal campion 1

pascal campion 2

pascal campion 3




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