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Published On February 3, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Art For Art's Sake, Comics

Comics on the Internet…. eating my time since 2000….

Missed this before now – Jaime Hernandez supplies the image for the CBLDF 2013 membership – loads of great merch here:

Lets show you these wonderful Jonathan Edwards Marvel abstract heroes from his Facebook;

Alison Sampson…. more please!

Bill Walko: The Dazzlers…. 

Ali Blaire is new to Bayville High, but she’s already in the spotlight with her brand new band, The Dazzlers. Can Ali and her new friends – Lila Cheney, Theresa Cassidy and Stevie Hunter – shine bright? Or will Lois London darken the bands’ debut?

Here’s my version of what a new Dazzler comic would be like under the Marvel NOW! banner. (Not that they asked me or anything) It’s an all-ages approach to mutantdom, music and misadventures! So, this should totally be a thing, right?

Tomer Hanuka (Via Bristolboard)

Oh, weird….Top Cat illustration by Bill Sienkiewicz. (Via Bristolboard)

Fred Hembeck Shadow, via Bendis

Because you should always, always love Sergio Aragones…. Star Wars from  2000 (Via Spaceship Rocket)

Captain Britain and The Fury by Alan Davis (I love Comic Covers)

Esther Diana Spider-Man and The Ramones (Via Lulu)

The great Des Taylor – Kitty and Lockheed….

Jim Rugg – Starman tribute….

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  1. Joe Gordon Joe says:

    Top Cat as Coppola’s Godfather, no less! Superb!