Alex’s Blind Box Review: Redrum! Redrum! Redrum!

Published On May 1, 2013 | By Forbidden Planet Staff | Merchandise

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No, I haven’t been cooped up in an American hotel for far too long with a psychopath for a father and numerous visions of two creepy twin girls, this is actually the name of the blind box that I’ll be reviewing this week!

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Redrum bear figures by Kozik express the perfect dichotomy between being as cute as a button and being as terrifying as a crazed man butchering down your bathroom door whilst shouting ‘Hereeeee’s Johnny!’ After all, for those who didn’t know, Redrum is effectively ‘murder’ spelt backwards. The bears are a part of a collection of blind boxes that consist of 10 different designs to try and find and collect. On the box there are 9 different colour variations of the 2.5” bears shown, varying from a cute little girly pink and purple bear to a darker and more evil looking black bear with dripping red blood. Whilst all the bears are the same, the differing colours and subtly noticeable different eyes make the entire collection a must have…especially as you need to find the mystery figure.

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Having collected blind boxes and blind bags for quite some time, I’m always excited at the prospect of finding a rare or hard-to-come-by figure in a collection, so when I do, I always feel the need to have a little squeal and hold it up to the light…picture a scene similar to that of Rafiki holding a baby Simba on a sky-high rock whilst Elton John belts out Circle of Life in the background…but with me…in my bedroom…holding a mystery blind box figure! It has the same effect though, right? When I excitedly opened one of these Redrum figures I managed to reveal the mystery figure of this series! The figure I unboxed was that of a clear plastic bear with pinkish-red blood stains. Although admittedly it looks the same as all the other bears, there was something so special about this particular figure. I think the real nerd in me revelled in the plastic air bubble in the bear’s torso, caused by the cooling of the plastic in the manufacturing process…too weird? Sorry, Product Design GCSE and A-level participated in making me fairly sad when it comes to the manufacturing of items.

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Not only do these bears appear in a bright range of colours and have a little bit of articulation with a moving head, legs, arms and hands, but they encompass some of the most famous quotes of a horror novel and film to exist; ‘Redrum’, which is scrawled on to the back of the bear’s head just as it is on the walls in the Stanley Kubrick directed film of Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’, and even better in my opinion, on the back of the bear’s torso we have the words, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ printed in the exact same font as the type writer on which Jack Torrance types when his bout of cabin fever sets in!

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The great thing with these bears is the ability to choose either to model them on display, or to attach them on a key chain which is supplied in the sealed bag with the bear. To fit the key chain on to the bear, you savagely have to decapitate the bear for a while (the head pulls off) and slide on the attachment and simply reattach the poor bears head…simple! Admittedly, with the optional keychain attachment on, the bear does look like it’s hanging by a noose and falls rather limply, but again, it’s good that we are given the choice of either displaying the mini-figure in a cabinet or on a shelf, or, alternatively, on a bag or something similar. Personally, I’ll be keeping mine on my shelf nice and safe, away from the tempting eyes of potential bear thieves out there!

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This blind-box series is a must have for all fans of the horror genre out there! It’s your chance to own some amazing memorabilia of a classic, much loved horror film. If you’re a fan of Labbits, also designed by Frank Kozik, I’d definitely suggest you pick up a few of these boxes from your nearest Forbidden Planet International store and have the excitement of seeing which colour bears you receive. You never know, you too may have the chance to re-enact the Rafiki and Simba classic scene if you find the mystery version bear! Good luck and happy Redrum bear hunting!

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