2000AD Preview – Prog 1850 – Jump in, it’s all new!!

Published On September 16, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Previews, The Weekly 2000AD

Out in the shops Wednesday 18th September.

2000AD Prog 1850 cover

That’s a weird cover. It’s a striking cover certainly. But for a jumping on point, it’s a weird cover.

It’s also one that rather loses the message in the business of it all. Maybe it’s my sleep-deprived mind playing tricks on me, but it took me a couple of looks before I realised the figure obliterating the logo is actually a reader holding the comic. Or is it just me?

2000AD Prog 1850 1

Anyway, inside, it’s all change after the clearing of the decks last issue. Dredd stays obviously but it’s a new tale by Michael Carroll and artist Paul Davidson. It’s another with an’s immigrant’s take on MC-1, this time from the POV of a Judge retrainee from the East-Meg. Fascinating little aspect of the post Chaos Day MC-1 experience thrown in by Carroll; the city opening itself to Judges from elsewhere, 600 of them, wanting to become proper MC-1 Judges. It may be a terrible place post Chaos Day, but MC-1 is still it seems, the place to be if you’re wanting to police the streets.

Following Dredd we have first episodes of Damnation Station by Al Ewing and Mark Harrison, Flesh by Pat Mills and James McKay, and the second series of Brass Sun by Ian Edgington and INJ Culbard starting off with a double episode. Definitely looking forward to more Brass Sun, Damnation Station looks interesting, and then there’s Flesh….. oh.

2000AD Prog 1850 dredd

2000AD Prog 1850 damnation station

2000AD Prog 1850 flesh

2000AD Prog 1850 brass sun1

2000AD Prog 1850 brass sun2

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3 Responses to 2000AD Preview – Prog 1850 – Jump in, it’s all new!!

  1. Thanks for explaining that cover, I’d been trying to figure out who the bloke was (I missed that he was opening the comic). Is it me but he doesn’t look like he’s really enjoying it that much?

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  3. Ash says:

    2000AD rules!

    It’s as simple as that really!