2000AD Preview – Prog 1839

Published On July 1, 2013 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Previews, The Weekly 2000AD

Out Wednesday 3rd July…

1839 COVER

Cover by Lee Garnett. Strong idea, not too sure about the execution to be honest. The God looks okay, if a bit nondescript, but the big problem is trying to work out if he’s squeezing the life out of the football or asking if you fancy a game.

1839 1

Inside – the cover featured 10 Seconders from Rob Williams and Edmund Bagwell gets underway with more tales of Gods on Earth and the resistance movement rising up against them. The 10 Seconders are so called because that’s about the time they have left on this Earth once the Gods clock them

Everything else in here is continuing; John Wagner and Dave Taylor continue Dredd: Wasteland, Pat Mills and Leigh Gallagher continue Defoe, Cadet Anderson by Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra, Sinister Dexter by Dan Abnett and John Burns.

Starting off with Dredd… and he’s on the case of that dead surfer with gang affiliation…

1839 dredd

Everything else….. under the cut….

1839 defoe 1839 cadet anderson 1839 sinister 1839 10 seconders


More art under the cut:

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