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Published On November 2, 2012 | By Zainab | Comics, Upcoming

Something vaguely interesting we’re learning about at uni on the Information Retrieval Module is the use of recommendations tools and the ways in which various people are currently working to make them more refined and pertinent. Which is how I cam across Nathan Edmondson’s and Tonci Zonjic’s Who is Jake Ellis? A book that was suggested to me at the beginning of this year by a search tool, and which I put on my ‘buy-when-I-have-the-money-but-other-good-stuff-is-priority-right-now’ list.

The description of it piqued my interest, but I was slightly put off by the ‘spy’ moniker (I prefer my thrillers leaning towards crime and/or mystery). I finally got around to reading it about a month ago and I’m very glad I did – it’s a tight little book that figures around the idea of one man’s consciousness being linked to another. Jon Moore is the man on the lam, guided by the efforts of Jake Ellis, a spectral presence visible only to him. Is Jake a manifestation of Jon’s mind- a figurative disassociation from the things he has done (Jake is a weapons, fighting and strategic expert), or something more sinister. While the ending of the book was satisfactory enough, Edmondson wisely left many things unexplored, making this announcement of a follow up series welcome news.

WHEREIS JAKE ELLIS? delves deeper in the mystery of Jake Ellis and how he became linked to super-spy Jon Moore’s consciousness. In WHO IS JAKE ELLIS?, Jake and Jon infiltrated “The Facility,” where Jon was transformed from a CIA analyst into a field agent who can predict almost every move of his targets—thanks to Jake Ellis, a man who can see everything but whom only Jon can see.

The second JAKE ELLIS volume picks up a year after the end of the first, with Jon Moore in hiding from his past—and The Facility. But these are the people who created him—and Jake Ellis—and they won’t be an easy tail to shake. Soon Jon is in their crosshairs once again, and he will need Jake Ellis to survive. Now Jon has two missions: stop The Facility, and find a man that no one else can see.

WHERE IS JAKE ELLIS? is a five-issue, full-color mini-series published by Image Comics. The first issue will be in stores on November 14

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