UPCOMING: The O-Men return….

Published On May 5, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

…. and return in some style it seems.

Now, Martin Eden should be known to you as the creator of Spandex, which we’ve featured often here on the blog (reviews of the issues here: #123456, but beware of spoilers). It’s a technicolour delight of a series, powerful, surprising, inventive, fun, unpredictable stuff, and it’s available May 24th as a new hardcover entitled Spandex Volume 1: Fast And Hard that collects issues 1-3.

But Eden spent many years prior to Spandex working on another series, his long running superhero soap opera The O Men. 35 issues, from ’97 until its hiatus in ’09, the series was left unfinished when Eden launched Spandex. But not anymore….

From May The O Men will return in the first of five collected volumes, including the final 8 issues. The problem being that Eden hasn’t actually drawn those issues yet. He’s working on them, and they’ll be done by the time Book Five is ready to be published.

The first book of The O Men: The Complete Series will be available at this year’s Kapow convention on 19/20 May, with Book Two available at Thought Bubble. Subsequent releases will probably be annual.

Eden sent over a few images from the series, along a press release, from which ….

“The O Men, written and drawn by Martin, is an epic superhero soap-opera about a group of dysfunctional superheroes who are brought together by Doctor O to fight his nemesis, Anathema. But can they stop Anathema before she has taken her revenge on their friends and family?”

“Says Martin: “The O Men was my first solo comic project and it had a healthy reputation in the small press community – people still ask me about it at conventions. So I decided to collect it all and re-release it. The comic began over 15 years ago, so it’ll be fun to see my early work – and (apart from a lot of tidying-up) I’m not changing or re-drawing any of it!”

“It’s a cool experiment. You’ll see how I started out in the early issues, attempting to find my identity as a comic creator, and it’ll be interesting to see how I’ve changed in the final few issues.”

More news as we get it, but here are the pictures….. a very worthy precursor and now follow up to Spandex, don’t you agree?

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