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Published On December 22, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Upcoming

A while back, this popped up in the comments thread of the review of The Absence #4, Martin Stiff’s frankly brilliant comic, of which I’ve raved over all four published issues in the six issue series.

“In related news, I’m (finally) allowed to reveal that The Absence has been picked up by Titan Books. They’ll be collecting all 6 issues as a graphic novel in early 2014. Which seems a long time away, but at my output rate IT’S TERRIFYINGLY SOON… Still, at least I can guarantee the last two issues will be out within a year!”

He went on to add, by email…

“Plan is for me to get out 5 & 6 yes as I have been doing and then they’ll do a full collection in early 2014. Which, taking into account the book printing time, gives me about a year to finish it.
A year for two issues.
Oh god…”

Excited? Me? Much? Oh, yes.

This means Titan Comics (Martin was in touch saying he’d got it slightly wrong in that comment) have now done the triple of bloody great UK comics… Harker, Spandex, and now The Absence. However, I’d still say get hold of the comics, or that first collection. It’s something you will want to read over and over again, something you will not regret buying several times. Finally getting hold of the 6-issue collection will be just a massive bit of icing on the cake!

You can get hold of The Absence from Martin Stiff at Lulu; issues 1-3 here, a collection of 1-3 here, and issue 4 is available right now here. Do it.

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