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Published On March 25, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Always a pleasure to be able to point you in the direction of new stuff I’ve previously enjoyed – and Simon Moreton’s Smoo has been a favourite for quite a time.

Issue 5 is now available to order, comic due in April for discounted pre-orders, and debuts at TCAF (Toronto Comics Arts Festival) in May. Preview below.Here’s Simon Moreton to tell you all about it:

Smoo #5 is the latest issue in my series of self-published, autobiographical zines. The 8 stories contained within the zine document the time I spent living in Falmouth, Cornwall when I was in my early 20s. It was one of those strange times that we all go through – growing up, relationships ending and so on. I’ve been trying to write these stories since I first started making comics a few years ago – and these are what came out. I’m very proud of this comic in a way I’ve not felt before. Hopefully readers can relate to these stories.

Stylistically, this comic looks a bit different from my previous outings; it is heavy on dark, pencil lines, impressionistic drawings, landscapes and faded seaside imagery. It also has a twitchers guide to some rare birds of Cornwall, such as the Drunklin and the Startling. I think it feels less like a departure and more like a culmination of recent efforts: it takes some of the abstraction of my Escapologist series, the rough pencils I experimented with doing the 30 days comics challenge last November, and the more straightforward comics of the earlier Smoo zines.”

And for those of you who’ve been following my obsessions with Moreton’s experiments in abstraction and minimalism, you’ll not be surprised at all to find I love that second page. And really, really love that final panel!

Yes, that does look rather like I may like it. It does indeed.

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  1. Matt Badham says:

    That looks very cool.