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Published On March 30, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

The preview issue has been available for a while, and was reviewed here back in March, but Daniel Clifford has now announced that Halcyon and Tenderfoot, by Clifford and artist/ co-creator Lee Robinson is now available.

You can buy the comic from ArtHeroes.co.uk with options for physical copy, digital copy, or annual 4-issue subscriptions in print or digital flavour.

Or you can catch Clifford and Robinson at the launch event at Newcastle City Library this Saturday (tomorrow in fact!). They’ll also be out and about at Newcastle City Library for Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 5th, and will be exhibiting at Bristol Comic Expo in May, and Thought Bubble Leeds in November.

There’s a 5-page preview just below, and it does look and read rather well. Here are a few words from the co-creators Daniel Clifford and Lee Robinson about the series:

“Halcyon & Tenderfoot is an incredibly important comic for me; it’s the product of all the other comics I’ve made and every comic book I’ve ever enjoyed reading. All of that experience and passion has gone into the creation of this one comic book series. “We’ve got something for everybody; if you’re younger or just looking for something fun, Halcyon & Tenderfoot has the lively characters and the exciting adventures for you! If you’re older or looking for something a bit deeper, you’ll find our characters are three-dimensional and the stories are layered – plus, it’s exciting! Existing comic fans will spot the references we’re making to the comic book medium’s history. We’re aiming for a comic that feels like a Pixar remake of Planetary – a story both adults and children can enjoy, that references other fiction while it gradually reveals a whole world of characters and mythology.” – Daniel Clifford

Oh I like that…. “a Pixar remake of Planetary”. That’s a great line.

“Halcyon & Tenderfoot issue 1 really is a huge leap on from the preview comic we released last year. Daniel has really hit his stride with his scriptwriting, and my drawing and storytelling have also improved dramatically. Anyone that enjoyed the preview comic is going to love this issue. And if you love this issue, you’ll be blown away by what we’ve got in store for the rest of the series. Now that it’s out there for people to buy, I just hope they enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing all of those funny little character moments and exciting action scenes.” – Lee Robinson

Okay, enough chat, here’s that preview.

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