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Published On November 28, 2012 | By Joe Gordon | Interviews

Megaskull, as seen on Kyle’s website.

Todays’ mini interview from Thought Bubble is with Kyle Platts, the creator behind the hilarious Megaskull for Nobrow. Although seeming initially quite visceral, there is a satirical underlayer to his comics – and characters therein – that sets him apart from others in the field. We caught up with Kyle – paparazzi style – as he was walking around the festival as a vistor.


On Megaskull:

It’s basically a compendium of short humour comics from when I first did weekly comics for a website. I started drawing them when I finished university to keep busy as to keep myself making comics and not to stagnate. As a result of that, Nobrow got in touch and asked if I’d like to make them into a book. I was thrilled because I’d been doing them for a little while and getting a lot of material together but not reaching a very large audience at all.

On his influences:

My core influences are, of course, Mike Judge and Matt Groening as well as John K. But as an adult now and trying to not get into particularly pretentious territory, I’m a big fan of fine art and have been working at the Tate for a little while now. You wouldn’t necessarily see it in my comics, but in terms of colour and composition and in terms of ethics and principles, I draw from fine art.

It’s a shame that you can’t get into this territory without seeming too pretentious! I’m totally sincere about it. I’m a massive fan of David Shrigley and what he does and I think “Why not? If you’ve got a message and your best way of spreading it is with humor, then why not ask for it to be taken more seriously?”.

On the perception that comic creators under 30 take more influences from outside comics:

I was just thinking that to myself recently: “Where it comes from? What was the shift?” It’s probably a lot to do with the accessibility of different influences now. It’s all out there, so I think that’s probably why people draw from a wider set of influences now.

On recently starting attending more conventions:

I grew up reading 2000AD but as an adult the kind of comics I’m interested in are slightly different. So, I’ve really just started to come to conventions because of Megaskull. Before now, I’d only been to one or two. I enjoy the social aspect of it all – I enjoy seeing the other Nobrow guys like Jack Teagle, who lives in Cornwall so doing so otherwise would be quite tricky.

On his next project for Nobrow:

I’m doing a concertina book for Nobrow in the same, big format as Ugo Gattoni’s Bicycle, the only difference being that it’s by me and it’s festival themed. It’s due to come out around the time of festival season next year. I’m going to try to encapsulate all the funny stuff that happens at festivals. Everybody’s got a story from a festival, so I’m going to be ringing up and emailing friends for inspiration.


Many thanks to Kyle for letting us talk to him at the festival. Next up: Dan Berry!

See Megaskull on the Forbidden Planet International webstore

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