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Published On May 1, 2012 | By James Bacon | Comics, Reviews

The Steampunk Literary Review,

Count Poshname Von Plumbing Supplies

Geof Banyard, or Dr Geof as he is more colloquially known, is a regular face on the convention circuit and well known amongst the Steampunking fraternity. His artwork has a particular style, his posters of Dirigibles, being highly sought after, their fantastic detail and infernal workings easily capturing the imagination.

His artwork was displayed last year at the Kew Steam Museum, during their Steampunk exhibit. He is affable, and sits by a table, with all types of goodness for sale, from prints, artwork, badges, creations, to  mugs emblazoned with the letter T.

He is friendly, mildly irreverent and never takes anything too seriously, in fact I enjoyed him trying to explain to an impassioned soul, that a particular three letter acronym, changes depending on the situation. This is the best part of steampunk, fanciful historical good natured nonsense.

Dr Geof has pulled together a variety of comics, cartoons, illustrations, a story, comic strips, added fairy wings in a number of appropriate places, removed clothing in a number of inappropriate ways, and thus one finds The Steampunk Literary Review a real miscellany of his work.

This is a made up title, which doesn’t do what it says, and just collects the work of Dr. Geof and splendid work it is too.  I think its the way that its a selection rather than anything structured that adds a level of fun, and he squeezes a considerable amount into this very professional full colour glossy magazine, including  adverts for the incredible, cigarette pin up cards cards of whimsey and artistic delights.

Dr. Geof has a clever way of telling a short joke, he has a cartoonists ability to get some good gags across in a few panels, he also seems to enjoy lampooning, in a way, the people who enjoy the aesthetic of steampunk as much as those who enjoy the literature and comics.

There are longer pieces, and these make one yearn for more than a single comic full of his stories, his artistic style is clean, he has a fine line, although he utilises a minimalistic style for things like feet and he manages to mix in the reprehensible with real style.

Layout and smart use of borders all add up to give a very nice effect and make the mag well worth a fiver. I would love Dr Geof to consider expanding his creations and worlds, where one is advised to ‘Kill your Velocity, not  Air Krakens’ an obvious  concern for Captains of Dirigibles.

You can find out more by exploring the island of Dr Geof  here and you can get hold of his work via his online store.

FPI would like to apologise to refined and sensitive readers for the dastardly and inexcusable inclusion here of a young lady with clearly naked ankles. This is entirely the fault of Sir James Bacon’s evil twin brother, also, confusingly, called James, who, we believe, obtained this and other images from Major Denis Bloodnok’s French Artistic lythographs collection. We apologise and hope this has not inflammed the senses of our gentle readers.

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