The Bash Street Kids – Nightmare On Bash Street

Published On February 19, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Comics

The great, great thing about the old Internet – browse around enough and you’ll find some little gems.

Case in point – Beano artist Andy Fanton’s Facebook page mentions a full-length Bash Street Kids halloween strip by Mike Pearse from 2000 that was posted in full on Christopher Signore’s blog.

Not being that great a beano reader, I didn’t realise they ever did full length strips taking up the whole comic for an issue. But how great is it? Very, very great.

Even better is the 1999 Bash Street Nativity, also by Pearse. Well worth reading:

But, as good as they are, they’re still not anywhere near the master, the creator of the kids; Leo Baxendale.

Again, WHY isn’t there some sort of big, big collection of Baxendale’s work?

You can get copies of his memoirs; Hobgoblin Wars from Baxendale’s site.

(a page from a Times article on Leo – from Joe’s post here, art (c) Leo Baxendale and DC Thomson)

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  1. Hey, Richard! Thanks kindly for the promotion. I thought it worthwhile to present Mike’s Bash Street stories in their *original* forms rather than the edited, re-printed versions one catches now and again. I’d be more than happy to post more of Mike’s Beano work in future, for the benefit of his fans also =)