Teddy Bears and Honey Bears!

Published On June 27, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

Had that in the mail earlier this week – one of those images where you just really hope the actual webcomic will be somewhere near as good as the promo. And having read the first couple of pages already as a sneak peek – I can tell you it’s all looking pretty damn fine!

It’s a new comic by Alex Zalben (Thor and the Warriors Four) and Josh Kenfield (Axe Cop, Scrooge & Santa), launching as a webcomic at detectivehoneybear.com with Monday and Thursday updates, and as a physical comic at San Diego.

“Detective Honeybear is the best detective on the force. He’s brilliant, and uncompromising… But also two feet tall, loves sandwiches, and is a cuddly, stuffed wittle bear that drives his co-workers insane.

It’s Kojak with less interest in lollipops, and more interest in honey. It’s Columbo with just slightly more fur. It’s Sherlock Holmes, if Holmes was addicted to sandwiches instead of cocaine. Detective Honeybear skewers and parodies the greatest mysteries of our time, while creating a few new ones, and answering the all-important question: just how adowable can cwime-sowving be?”

The answer, just from a couple of pages, is bloody adowable. Here, have a super sneak peek of a bit of page 2:

And whilst we’re on Teddy Bears …. I just couldn’t help but think of this by Ty Templeton, less cute, more cutting edge cool, but similar ideas….

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