Stop stealing stuff dammit…. UPDATED – “concept art mix up”

Published On April 21, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Film TV & Theatre

From SFX on Thursday:

“We were sent the above poster today, for a new indie Brit flick called Monster Project that has just gone into production, from writer/director John Shackleton (Panic Button). Described as a “cross-genre” film, Monster Project follows six teenagers who undergo a harrowing transformation into monsters, imbued with various abilities and ailments, and are forced to go on the run, fighting for their survival.”

Always nice to see the creative industry screwing each other over.

Monster Project’s poster certainly appears to have completely ripped off Edmund Bagwell’s design for his Cradlegrave cover to the 2009 Prog 1633 of 2000AD. 2000AD Covers Uncovered even put up a blog post in 2010 showing the creation of the cover, so it’s definitely Bagwell’s work they’re stealing here.

It’s only at the initial poster stage right now, so hopefully, they’ll see reason. Or maybe just realise Rebellion’s lawyers aren’t going to stand for this.

John Shackleton is directing  Monster Project as part of Movie Mogul Films – website, twitter. Always nice to be able to get in touch with these people to let them know when they’re stealing someone else’s work.

UPDATE: 21st April 2pm:

Movie Mogul twitter account in reply:

“concept art mix-up, not rip-off. We have apologized, and recalled offending image”

This is good news. Nice to see it sorted.

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3 Responses to Stop stealing stuff dammit…. UPDATED – “concept art mix up”

  1. Alfie says:

    That’s an absolute effing disgrace. Regardless of budget or how small the project is, there’s no excuse! Get the lawyers in, now!

  2. fr3kySnail says:

    Perspicuous case of Plagiarism

    I was just about to way in on the side of the British team, as hoodies worn low over the head is a common phenomena, then I saw the background.

    Question: Have we run out of new media ideas as a species?