Spandex Issue 6 – O.M.F.G. indeed….

Published On March 1, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Spandex Issue 6

By Martin Eden

Spandex is Martin Eden’s Brighton based multi-coloured superhero series. It started good, and over the course of the six issues so far (reviews of previous issues here: #12, 3, 4, 5) it just got better and better, tighter and tighter. Sure, with a little over zealous desire to bring his O-Men out for a play last issue Eden made possibly the only misstep so far, but here in issue 6, he gets it right yet again.

So here we go, the penultimate issue, the penultimate part of the O.M.F.G. storyline, and all leading off with this perfect catch-up on the inside front cover…

Like it says on the cover; this episode you’ll find out the secret of Diva, Eden’s big reveal, the big secret, and you’re not going to guess, not a chance. Anyone who says they had an inkling….. nah, they lie.

Just like me, you’ll be left holding the issue at that last page, whispering, just like Eden wants you to…. oh my God…

Suffice it to say everything comes to a head here, as Les Girlz and the captured, powerless Spandex team discover secrets and shared histories, relationships twist and shift, old scores are settled, mysteries resolved…. and there’s that big, big reveal. Wow.

Basically the whole issue revolves around Saga interrogating the Spandex team, delving into their minds, coming up with secrets…… finishing up with Diva:

No she doesn’t. She most definitely doesn’t.

Over the six issues of Spandex, Eden’s superteam has become something special, mixing good old fashioned soap opera dynamics reminiscent of old Claremont X-Men with an adult sensibility that fairly effortlessly shifts between high farce, fast action, and a surprising emotional sincerity.

The artwork has been consistently a joy, and what was interesting and quirky in the debut now becomes, just a few issues later, confident and beautifully done, still original and different, but far more assured, whether it’s Eden’s careful action pacing:

…. or subtle talking head shots, with real emotional intensity….

And all the way through, it’s been a masterpiece of colour. Initially all you saw was the overwhelmingly colourful characters and pages, but slowly, surely, beautifully, Eden’s used that colour perfectly, evoking mood and tone; subtle, brash, bright, whatever is needed, all the way through.

Spandex issue 1-6 are available from Eden’s website, and there’s a Spandex Volume 1 coming out from Titan Books in May that collects issues 1-3. There’s one more issue to go in the series, with O.M.F.G. part 4 coming in issue #7 later this year, followed by an extended Spandex Special.

One thing’s for certain, if you pick up this issue, you’ll definitely be sticking around for issue 7 just to see where Eden’s going with that ending!

And I’ll leave you as we started, with another of Eden’s excellent ads …. beautiful, effective, and a great summary of what makes this such a great comic.

What more do you need? Go order the book and the comics now.

Oh, damn.. forgot to mention the extras…. this issue you not only get an excellent Spandex comic but an extra three mini (very mini) comics written by Eden and all tying into the events of the issue. There’s Bearman and Twinkle drawn by Robert Wells, Hag drawn by Garry McLaughlin, and best of the lot Cherry Blossom Girl drawn by T’sao Wei. All nicely done though, and a lovely little added extra to a great issue.

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