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Published On February 18, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Comics

Late, but worth mentioning, certainly worth marking. John Severin, one of the last of the EC greats passed away February 12th, aged 90. An stellar talent, his work featured for 60 years plus across so many genres, using many, many styles. Whether for EC with Two Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat, as one of Harvey Kurtzman’s go to art team on Mad magazine, providing a huge part of Cracked magazine’s output, right through to relatively recently with work at Dark Horse, Marvel, DC/Wildstorm, Severin’s work was always special, classic, beautiful.

There’s a full press statement from Severin’s family over at The Comics Beat, but this section, quoting Stan Lee stood out nicely:

“Long-­‐time  friend  and  former  president  and  chairman  of  Marvel   Comics,  Stan  Lee  states,  “He  had  an  art  style  that  was   uniquely  and  distinctly  his  own.The  minute  you  looked  at  his  artwork  you  knew  you  were  looking   at  a  John  Severin  illustration;  it  could  be  no  one  else. Besides  his  inimitable  style,  there  was  a   feeling  of  total  authenticity  to  whatever  he  drew,  whether  it  was  a  Western,  a  crime  story,  a   superhero  saga  or  a  science  fiction  yarn. Not only was his penciling the very finest, but his inking, too, had a distinctive Severin touch that made every strip he rendered stand out like a winner”.”

Blazing Combat for EC Comics:

Varmint, written by Kurtzman, from Mad #1 1952 (Full strip here at Jeff Overturf’s blog)

Melvin, written by Kurtzman, from Mad #3 1952 (Full strip here at Jeff Overturf’s blog)

More recent Punisher work at Marvel:

And bang up to date: Feb 2011, Severin produced the art for Mignola’s Witchfinder. 89 years old. You try doing that. (Preview here at CBR)

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  1. Richard Gagnon says:

    “Last of the EC greats”? Next to last is more like it, since the unarguably great Jack Davis is still with us.