Reviews: Rob Jackson’s off to California….

Published On December 3, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

California Part 1

By Rob Jackson

Right, here’s the other of Rob Jackson’s latest releases. I reviewed Segway a while back, and enthused about the uniqueness of Jackson’s work over there.

Suffice it to say I usually enjoy what he does, enjoy the grand variety of topics he plays around with, along with the great sense of ridiculous humour he brings to the page.

Like much of what he does, California starts as one thing and some way through, Jackson switches it all around. Soap Opera transforms into weird religious cult thriller.

It may start as a simple family thing, with Mom, Dad, and their three children Billy, Jake, and Emma-May moving out West to California after their crops fail and the bank repossesses their farm.

But this sedate little family drama doesn’t last long; within seven pages they’ve been driven off the road, Billy gets to wander past the foreboding Whistler’s Hollow, meets a kindly gas station owner who takes them all in, but not before Jake goes missing, turning up in the middle of something very strange.

Bizarre creature?, strange tree formations?, Jackson being mysterious, or a failing of his art? But whatever it is it’s the thing that sets up the next part of the comic, as Jake gets religion in spectacular form, the child-healer, rising up the religious ranks, with a knowing, almost evil look in his eye.

Bizarre. Absolutely. But there’s enjoyment in the bizarre world of Rob Jackson. And like I’ve said before, for every slightly off panel or page, there’s usually something in his work, somewhere along the way that makes me pleased he’s drawing how he’s drawing.

This time… it was the sweep of the road and the trees lining the way….

You can pick up a copy of California Part 1 at Rob Jackson’s website.

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  1. Matt Badham says:

    That sounds cool. I must pick it up.