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Published On November 10, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Okay, another month packed full of reviews…. although not too many from me this month. However, I do have a few brilliant things, well worth shing the light on one extra time, things that may well feature somewhere in the best of lists coming up rather too soon!

Hugo Tate

By Nick Abadzis

Blank Slate Books

Hugo Tate was always a favourite, and it’s a story that’s as important to 40-something me now as it was to the 20-something me then. Sometimes we can go back to the things we adored in our youth and rediscover them all over again, but it’s rare that we go back and find that there’s so much more to glean, and the work has improved beyond all imagining.

But Hugo Tate is that rarity. I beseech you, seek it out. A masterpiece.

That’s what I said at the start of October… and I certainly don’t intend changing my mind on this one. Read it again since putting the review up, and it’s just a beaty, it really is.


By Frederik Peeters


Simply put, Pachyderme is a magnificent roller-coaster of emotional intensity, one of those narratives that grasps the mind, quickens the pulse, and simply doesn’t let go until the very end. Yes, there’s all that Lynchian influence thing going on, intentional or not, but influences worked out this well aren’t something to complain about.

So, Pachyderme is full of incredible imagery, visual flights of fancy, but most of all, the story has a sense of acceleration into madness, of falling, with Carice, down a rabbit-hole of sorts, that’s powerful, intoxicating even, and genuinely results in a book where this reader felt compelled to finish, yet unsettled, off-balance the entire time.

This was a far more surprising read than Hugo Tate. I had no idea it would affect me as much as it did, a pulse racing, unsettling sort of psychological journey in comic form.

2000AD Progs 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806

And finally…. not just the last month of Judge Dredd but the last month worth of 2000AD in general this past month has been bloody excellent.

It may not be perfect, and there’s a strip I really don’t like, but The Simping Detective and Lowlife are fine, fine strips that started this month, whilst Edginton and Culbard’s Brass Sun is as brilliant this month as it was when I singled it out for special treatment last month.

But it’s been Dredd that has so impressed this month. That feeling of everything coming together, the throwing off of the collective mild hangover post Chaos Day as a series of writers try to work out just how to top John Wagne’s epic. And it has simply blossomed under the three teams of Carroll/Holden, Ewing/Flint, Williams/Harrison, all bringing something different, but all creating a sense of a grand world-building epic in development.

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