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Published On December 17, 2012 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

(Richard here – Matt came to us a while ago, and whilst mentioning his enjoyment of Rob Jackson’s ice-creams at the recent Prestwich Food Festival, wondered if we fancied a review. And yes, not comics, not really, although Rob’s brilliant Ice-Cream comics have been reviewed here and here, and that’s where we’re taking the images from. And seriously, who doesn’t love a nice ice-cream?)

Rob Jackson is probably best known to readers of the Forbidden Planet International blog for his cartooning. There’s another side to him, however. As well as making mini-comics he also produces ice cream, which he sells at food markets (alongside various other products).

I popped along to Prestwich Food Festival on Sunday to pick up some of his ice cream, which I then decided to ‘review’ for this blog.

I bought four tubs of ice cream for the price of three. I went for chocolate, vanilla, gooseberry and what I thought was strawberry flavour. I slightly regret not being more adventurous in my choices. Rob does some fairly unusual flavours to complement the ‘usual suspects’ you’d expect to find on an ice cream stall*. (For example, he once made sweet potato ice cream).

The chocolate didn’t even make it out of the door of the Longfield Suite (the venue for the Food Festival). I bumped into a friend who had previously had Rob’s ice cream and after she mentioned how tasty she thought it was, I gave her and her children a tub. Thinking about it now, I hope I didn’t take a potential customer away from Rob. Oh, well…

The gooseberry didn’t last much longer because I consumed it as soon as I got home. I love gooseberries and Rob’s ice cream didn’t disappoint. It was flavoursome with a sharp, slightly (but not too) tangy taste nicely offset by its creaminess.

The strawberry didn’t last much longer. I shared this with my wife, Leanne, who couldn’t help but comment on its unusual taste. I had to admit that it wasn’t the most strawberry-like ice cream I’d ever had. I was enjoying it, but something wasn’t quite right. It was at this point that Leanne asked me what was written on the bottom of the tub. I looked and saw one word written in clear, capital letters:


I have to say that as soon as we knew what we were eating (perhaps there was a mix-up when I bought the ice cream), all our complaints disappeared. This is another winner.

Finally, the next day, I scoffed the vanilla. It was lovely. Really creamy and very vanilla-ey (that’s not a word, is it?)

If you’re fan of ice cream and you see Rob at a food market, I would recommend that you buy a tub (or two or three or even four) from him. It is delicious stuff.

For more on Rob Jackson’s ice cream, go to

*I’ve gone a bit Alan Patridge here, haven’t I?

Matt Badham has written for the Judge Dredd Megazine, Comic Heroes and the Big Issue in the North. This is the first time he’s written about ice cream.

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2 Responses to Reviews: Matt Badham on Rob Jackson’s Ice-Cream….

  1. rob jackson says:

    Thanks for the ice cream review, Matt! Sorry I gave you plum by mistake, you would be surprised how often I do this, it must be because they are both pink.
    cheers, Rob

  2. Matt Badham says:

    My pleasure, Rob.

    Happy to give you a plug. I love ice cream and yours is some of the tastiest I’ve ever tried!