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Published On November 29, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

At The End Of Your Garden

By Lizz Lunney

The next in Lunney’s series of ‘At The’ comics (previously… ‘At The Planetarium‘, ‘At The Caves‘)

This time we’re taking a look at all of those little beasties you’d expect to find at the bottom of your garden. Although it’s a little dubious as to which garden Lunney is actually basing her observations upon. Lions?Pandas? Giant chickens? Has Lunney been eating those special mushrooms that she found at the bottom of her garden?

Oh, it doesn’t matter. We’re really not here for the environmental accuracy. Oh, you say you are here for the environmental accuracy? Boy, have you got problems.

The rest of us, the ones here for something typically Lunney-ish; silly, clever, quirky, cute, fascinating…. well, we’re in for another treat. This is another familiar looking A6 comic, this time printed in finest moss green.

So, here we have the normal cast of Lunney-esque characters and weird situations, surreality ruling the day once more; ‘The girl with the lion in her hair‘, ‘Giant chicken gives advice‘, ‘Bum cats go out‘ and many more. But here, perhaps more than other volumes, she seems to be less constrained by her characters, and instead we have a freshness of ideas on the pages. There are few of her previous recurring characters, and somehow, freed from that, the ideas take centre stage.

Not that there was anything wrong with her characters, but here its lovely to see such variety, allowing her gags to really come to the fore each time.

Seriously, as I’ve said many times previously, Lizz’s comics are perfect little surreal treats, bite-size bits of weirdness, something to brighten your day, you can find them at her online shop. Now, here’s a little of what made me smile this time…

But lets save the best till last…. it’s always a source of wonder for me, to see an artist squeeze so much body language, so much meaning, so much comedy out of so few lines, and here’s a perfect example. The gag is funny anyway, but the facial expressions, a couple of lines and a few dots… they add so much. THAT’S the essence of a Lizz Lunney comic really, simplicity that works so well, adds up to so much, makes you laugh so easily….

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