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Published On October 23, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Finally, a return to the blog for my favourite daughter. A daughter who has far, far too many things to occupy her time nowadays, a daughter who we rarely see unless she’s after a lift, a 13-year old with the social diary of a 20-year old socialite it seems. Or perhaps that’s just how myself and Mrs B see it.

Anyway, it’s been far too long since she wanted to write something here. And frankly the only reason she did this was because she took the book with her in the car one day, and decided it was better to convince me that we should go for lunch so she could write a review than actually do the shopping we were meant to be doing…..


by Dan Santat


Sidekicks is a funny book with lots of heroes, lots of action, and lots of silly, cute animals!

The old superhero Captain Amazing realises he’s getting old and needs help from a new sidekick, who he’ll chose at special auditions. In the past he’s used one of his pets as a sidekick, but something bad happened and he won’t do it again:

But what he doesn’t really realise that his pets all want in on the sidekick action! So they’re off at night fighting crime whilst he’s not able to.

He has 2 pets; super-strong super-dog Roscoe (Metal Mutt!) and a little hamster called Fluffy. Sadly Fluffy has no super powers; but he still goes out at night and fights crime! The problems all start when a new pet arrives, a chameleon called Shifty. He sees Fluffy sneak out on patrol and he follows. Of course, with no powers at all, they soon get into trouble with some big cats, but ‘Static Cat’ saves them! Just who Static Cat is and who he used to be…. well, you’ll have to read this great book to find out.

Things really get dangerous when the pets need to work together to defeat Wonderman, a villain pretending to be a hero who steals all of Captain Amazing’s powers. I’m not spoiling the ending, but it’s a clever way to defeat the bad guys!

This book is amazing! It’s got comedy, it’s heart warming, it’s got everything! I really liked how we found out all about the personalities of the pets, the problems they had, the fights they got into – a real family of arguments and fights! Overall this book is awesome and I think that kids 6+ and adults (of all ages) will love this book just as much as I did!

Okay, Richard again. Yep. Molly loved it. And I can see why, it’s really neatly done, animation style artwork, a story that delivers a simple plot and a load of cute animals. Classic, stereotyped children’s story ideas. But dammit, they’re stereotypes for a reason. They work. 

And Sidekicks works. How much? Well, fellow FPI Blogger Zainab passed this on to Molly with the idea it would eventually make it to my school library. It hasn’t made it out of Molly’s clutches yet. That should give you an idea of how much she enjoyed it!

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