Review: No More Heroes Issue 3

Published On October 5, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

No More Heroes Issue 3

Written by Gordon Mclean, art by Caio Oliveira

We looked at issue 1 and issue 2 already, so I’m only going to give you the briefest glimpse of the goings on here in the third issue. Suffice it to say it maintains the pace and style of the first pair of issues, moving on nicely, not breaking any new ground perhaps, but that’s rather the thing, this is superhero modern, playing with the form, interesting and fun, doing the grim and gritty thing perhaps a little too much, but doing it well.

Let’s start off with the cover, which is a really impressive visual and hints at what may well happen soemwhere inside. But who exactly might be unmasking? You’ll need to read the comic, and even then you may not fully find out. Yep, one of those stick the final image on the cover things.

I could summarise the story so far in this story, but the comic does a handy-dandy single pager to summarise it all. So we’ll go with that.

Yep, I reckon that gives you the story so far.

Now, what we get here is a fast, fast, fast superhero story, Millar-esque if you will. We’re moving right on from the events of the last issue, with Sid deeply involved in helping Black Fury avenge the death of his rather obsessed boss. Not that the sidekick hasn’t got his own fair share of obsessional behaviour going on where his boss is concerned….

Whew, highly strung? Just a bit.

So we’re in on the heist to knock off the superhero bank loot this time round – a nice touch – as Black Fury points out, super-types can’t exactly put stack of cash into a regular bank, secret identities and regular  banks don’t work. So Jack Slaughter’s after the superbank cash, and Sid and his dumb as shite mate Billy are on the case, with Black Fury looking on, masterminding the whole thing, using Sid to get as close as possible to Jack Slaughter, planning revenge all the time.

The heist works, the villain gets tracked down, and right there at the end there’s the climactic thing (yeah, right back with that cover) and the promise of a surprise next issue.

No More Heroes, like I said, isn’t doing anything necessarily new, but it  doesn’t need to. What it does do, just like all the best of the new superhero stuff, is tell the old stories with a little fun twist.

It’s fun, it’s fairly fresh, it’s nicely drawn, dialogue works well. A lot of whether the four issue storyline works all depends on how well they pull off the climactic reveal next time. Fingers crossed. Much to enjoy.

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