Paper Science 7 – travelling into the sunset for a well deserved break…

Published On February 3, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

Paper Science Issue 7 – Travel

We Are Words + Pictures

Edited by Matthew Sheret

Contributors include Adam Cadwell, David O’Connell, Octavia Raitt, Rob Cureton, James Downing, John Cei Douglas, Marc Ellerby & Meryl Trussler, Kayla Marie Hillier, Philip Spence, Tom SmithAnne HolidayTom Humberstone,

The seventh and final issue (for the time being at least) of Matthew Sheret’s newspaper anthology. And possibly/probably one of the best so far – certainly a great, great cover by Adam Cadwell to delight and introduce you to the issue’s theme. This time we’re travelling, whether it’s actual travel, or merely the idea of it is played upon by each strip inside. And, as you’ll expect by now, the insides feature some of the great and the good from the UK comic scene.

So here we go… one last time…. it’s Paper Science’s best bits from issue 7, although to be honest, it was pretty much universally good this time round.

Special mention has to go to Adam Cadwell, delivering a satisfying and fun fourth and final part to his all-ages The King Of Things adventure. It’s been a lovely strip, bold colours, lovely little story. More soon hopefully.

(Adam Cadwell – The King Of Things)

Philip Spence evokes the artistic stylings of his been away too long Ninja Bunny to deliver a (very) abridged version of the classic Journey To The West (or Monkey to many of us) that’s pithy yet funny:

(Philip Spence – Journey To The West)

The back-pager gives us bird-watching on the Scottish coast, courtesy of Anne Holiday and Tom Humberstone. A simple tale, beautifully drawn by Humberstone.:

(Holiday and Humberstone – The Blushing Scot)

Kayla Marie Hillier knows a lot about this whole travel thing, having comic-ed about it extensively in her lovely Gallavant webcomic (and print available here). Having seen that develop and mature, in both storytelling and artwork, it’s so pleasing to see this latest strip show off just how far Hillier’s come – she show’s off not only some very nice linework, but delivers a gentle, impassioned love letter to a new hometown, evoking both a sense of travel and of return, of finding a place.

(Kayla Marie-Hillier – Lost & Found)

And finally – John Cei Douglas’ Follow Me is quite lovely, a favourite here amongst some really strong competition. Mixing comics and illustration so well in just one page that delivers a story with a delightful innocence, a playful sense of journeying through fantastical places (or merely a child’s imagination), and a sweetness that’s perfectly done:

(John Cei Douglas – Follow Me)

Across its seven issues Paper Science has comfortably and consistently produced some great works, introduced me to some wonderful artists, shown me some old favourites. In this it sits alongside other similar anthology works; Solipsistic Pop, Comix Reader, Ink + Paper et al, all of which have done great things in bringing a group of artists to (we hope) wider acclaim).

As a showcase, it’s been a success, and its format has been a continual joy for me. I do so love these newspaper comics, and trust we’ll see the format continue to be used long after paper Science finishes.

A final mention has to go to Matt Sheret, who’s stewardship has meant Paper Science continually strived to improve, to be as good as it could be, as good as it regularly was. It’s thanks to him that Paper Science exists, and we all thank him for the 7 issues. Hopefully, as he promises on the first page, we’ll see more from the Words + Pictures collective very soon. Right after he comes back from that well earned holiday.

Paper Science is available from the Words + Pictures website.

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