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Published On April 6, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

No More Heroes Issue 1

Written by Gordon Mclean, art by Caio Oliveira

The cover pretty much tells the story of the whole comic here… Sid Miller’s phone is what sets everything off, a seemingly random bloke gets a seemingly random text “should I kill myself?” and his answer, sent in drunken haze, sets up the whole issue.

Was it a gag? From a mate? Crossed wires? Spam message? What might you do? Ignore it? Answer it?

Fair enough Sid’s friends don’t exactly help matters but none of them could have foreseen the following day’s newspaper headlines:

Oh dear.

So, did Sid really manage to convince this hero that he should kill himself?

Sid’s convinced, his friends not so much. But their opinions don’t really matter. More importantly to Sid’s immediate well-being is whether Dark Justice’s rather angry sidekick believes it or not:

Oh dear again. Things don’t look good for Sid after all.

There’s a bit of action after this, mostly involving Sid getting the what-not kicked out of him by the sidekick, in ever more inventive ways (including a clever homage to a classic Spidey/Goblin cover of Amazing Spider-Man 37), but really, that’s about your lot.

26 pages of setup here and no pay-off, that’s what you get in No More Heroes. Which I know is pretty much the Mark Millar approved way of doing these sort of things nowadays, but really, wouldn’t it be nice if all superhero comics had the depth and satisfying beginning, middle and end that I found in Mark Waid’s recent Daredevil issues? As it is the whole comic feels like it could fit comfortably into a dozen pages. And if they had done, they’d be quite good pages at that. But stretched out like this… too thin, too thin.

Oliveira’s art has a nice enough feel to it, standard Marvel or DC style, but the black and white puts it more in the realms of Avatar to be honest. Nothing bad at all, but visually just a little uninspired.

No More Heroes is fine, a nice little idea that I’ll be happy to see continued, and interested to see where McLean takes it, but it’s really not much more than the idea and a few nice set pieces. Am I really that wrong to wish for that little bit more?

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