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Published On December 27, 2012 | By Zainab | Comics

News, Views and Oddities, where we link to various bits and bobs which have grabbed our attention, encompassing comics, books, illustration, design and film. Clicking fingers at the ready.

Mike Maihack  returns to give us another Christmas installment of his sweet Batgirl and Supergirl strip, with added Killer Croc. You can see his previous team-up stories featuring the two heroines at the link.

Dan Berry has a 22 page free -FREE(!)- travelogue diary comic illustrated thing-y about his trip to Algeria to speak at the Festival International Bande Dessinne and it is predictably gorgeous. You should check it out before he realises it’s all a terrible mistake or something.

This is the best comic news I’ve heard in a long while: Ian Edginton and D’Israeli are to finally bring back Stickleback in the new year, with the new story debuting on March 20th in Prog 1824. I’m going to start buying 2000AD for this, so feeling pretty excited. Here’s a quote from Edginton on what to expect from the story:

‘Funnily enough, the new series of “Stickleback” we’re working on wasn’t the one we started out with. We actually came up with a big story arc that would run over a couple of series, but in the end we decided that we wanted to narrow the focus and just keep this one all about Stickleback’s apparent return. We want to keep it tight and then, over the next couple of series, pull back to reveal a much larger canvas.’

Drawn and Quarterly’s Spring catalogue looks rather good. Particularly looking forward to that Guy Delisle book.

Phillip Pullman on Grimm’s fairy-tales and the challenges of re-writing 50 of them.

Kate Beaton has a new comic up on her website. It is about working out, but probably not working out in any way you are thinking right now. It’s also about Cinderella.

These Doodlers Anonymous colouring books are great, with comics, vintage art stuff and cool doodles from over 60 artists for your colouring pleasure.

The evolution of the Bat-symbol.

Cartoonist and Uncivilised Books publisher Tom Kaczynski talks about his own work and upcoming books on the Uncivilised imprint next year. Their most high profile release in 2012 has been Gabrielle Bell’s The Voyeurs and it sounds like there’s more good stuff to come.

James Kochalka talks about quitting American Elf after 14 years of daily comic strips.

Hey, guess what? Kids read comics.
















Art by Olly Moss

If you felt bad about 2012 and what you’ve achieved in the year as it peters out, take a look at Olly Moss’ year in abandoned designs and unfinished projects and purge yourself of all bad-feeling. In this manner you shall be ready for 2013 having gotten rid of all ill will. Postcards of gratitude to the usual address.

Self Made Hero go digital. The publishers are now offering digital copies of their comics, starting with the 4 Lovecraft adaptations: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, At  The Mountains of Madness and The Lovecraft Anthology, volumes 1 and 2. Speaking of which David Hine has a teeny sneak peak of The Man Who Laughs adaptation which Self Made Hero will be releasing next year.

A lovely interview with Toon Books founder Francoise Mouly.

And finally, Tom Spurgeon interviews Scott Snyder. The interview is part of Tom’s annual holiday interview series, which all make for solid reading fodder, but I’m a fan of both Snyder and Spurgeon and it’s curious to read the discussion on what makes Snyder such a successful, issue-to-issue, superhero comics writer.

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