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Published On January 22, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Comics For Children, The Phoenix Weekender

When The Phoenix comic was announced, Molly had one question – “is Sarah in it?”. And it seemed weird that Sarah McIntyre wasn’t part of the comic to be honest. After all, it was in The DFC, with her brilliant  Vern & Lettuce, that she first showed us how good a comic-er she was, and not having anything in The Phoenix seemed somehow wrong. Well, later on this year, Molly gets to be happy… here’s a message from Sarah McIntyre’s Live Journal:

“The Phoenix Comic has just announced that writer and sometimes illustrator Philip Reeve and I will be taking you for a wild ride in an upcoming issue! I knew Philip had drawn some great stuff for Murderous Maths and Horrible Histories magazine back in the days before he became a top award-winning writer, and I was convinced he could make a great comic for The Phoenix. He said that, if I would write it, he’d draw it, and so we were agreed.”

How it’s actually working out is that we’re co-writing it, because drawing a comic really is writing it. I came up with a basic first script, but the best jokes and things keep popping up as the pictures start to emerge. And because Philip was doing a lot of the writing work, I agreed to colour it, so it’s very much an all-round collaboration. I was very excited when he sent me these character sketches of Jinks and O’Hare. Aren’t they fabulous?”

Yes they are…

It’s only a one-off strip at this point, but here’s hoping for more!

The strip’s called Jinks And O’Hare Funfair Repair, and according to The Phoenix website promises “ghosts, humungous squid, mermaids, the galaxy’s greatest funfair rides, and two very special repair dudes. Jinks (tall, skinny, bowler-hatted and, well … a bit goggly-eyed) and O’Hare (short, quite roundy, and really rather hirsute) are the go-to guys when things go awry on the universe’s wildest funfair moon.”

The Phoenix is available for subscription at the website, with single issues in a small, select group of indy bookstores, and should (no, really this time) be available in Waitrose supermarkets right now.

And whilst talking of McIntyre and Reeve… I did mean to mention this before Christmas, when it appeared on Philip Reeve’s blog, but Christmas sort of got in the way. Philip Reeve, if you don’t already know (and you really should) is the author of various books, including the fantasy series Mortal Engines, and he wrote a short story for his blog, illustrated by Sarah McIntyre:

Here’s Reeve’s introduction:

“Do they celebrate Christmas in the ramshackle world of Mortal Engines?  Well, they do and they don’t: there are enclaves and households where the Christian festival is still celebrated, but most of the towns and cities which roam the Hunting Ground have new gods and new religions.  Winters can be long and grim, however, especially in the north, and almost everybody sets aside a day in the depths of December when lamps are lit, songs sung, gifts exchanged, and far too much food eaten.  Aboard London this festival is known as Quirkemas: others call it Yule or Winterval.  For most, it is simply Midwinter, and here is a short story about it.”

Well worth a read.

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