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Published On May 5, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Comics

I was prepping tomorrow’s Art For Art’s Sake post and happened to come across this….

Mr X by Paul Rivoche (via Comic Alliance)

Which put me in the mood for more Mr X… so much to choose from…. and the more I look the more I can’t decide. And you must understand here that I’m merely pondering the covers, it would take me too long right now to discuss the insides with you… but just quickly….

Dean Motter’s series began in ’83, featuring the mysterious Mister X, supposedly the architect of Radiant City, the beautiful, brutal, madness inducing setting for the comic. Mister X’s design included elements of psychetecture that went horribly wrong, a utopian paradise became a nightmare city, and X wanders through it, attempting to cure his city and its people.

The interior artwork and story was initially handled by The Hernandez Brothers, then by Motter & a young Seth when Los Bros walked from the comic after a few money issues with Vortex Comics publisher Bill Marks.

My real love of Mister X comes not from that first volume though, but from the memorable second volume, written Jeffrey Morgan with art from Shane Oakley and D’Israeli with inks by Ken Holewczynski.

I loved it, it got me at just the right time, in just the right way. When I’d done that I went back to volume 1, and although the art deco infused stylings are beautiful and the story¬†inspired, the expressionist stark black and white of volume 2 still wins me over.

Dark Horse have recently released two huge hardcover collections of both volumes. For the Hernandex / Motter heavy volume 1 you want the Mister X Archives. But trust me, I’d recommend you give Mister X: Brides Of Mister X & Other Stories a go.

But enough guff from me, one feature of both volumes that consistently amazed were the covers….. and luckily there’s a complete Mister X gallery here. But these are my faves….

(Dean Motter volume 1 issue 2, Seth volume 1 issue 11)

(Steve Sampson volume 2 issue 7, D’Israeli volume 2 issue)

And finally, on this little Mister X nostalgia trip, one of my favourite covers of all time, and the exception that proves the rule as to how awful variant covers are….. Brendan McCarthy’s 4 versions of Volume 2 Issue 1:

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