Monsters on the Beach

Published On April 16, 2012 | By Joe Gordon | Comics, Film TV & Theatre

CBR’s fine Robot 6 flags up some cracking news: not only is the brilliant Guillermo Del Toro working on a massive monster movie, Pacific Rim (Del Toro! Monsters!), he has BPRD regular Guy Davis is his concept artist for the film. I’ve been a huge fan of Del Toro going right back to his unusual take on the vampire mythos, Cronos, and frankly I’d watch pretty much anything he puts out, but oh yeah, you better believe I share Robot 6’s excitement at the thought of him working on a giant monster movie. And with Guy Davis onboard for concept art that just made it a whole lot more exciting; as Robot 6 notes with this splendid example from the BPRD, Guy can certainly design some fabulous giant monsters. So looking forward to that film.

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