Marvel on Marvelman – “Sit tight. We’ll have some additional news soon.”

Published On January 21, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics

“Sit tight. We’ll have some additional news soon.”

Yep, that’s as good a summary as you’ll find regarding Marvel and their plans to bring back the Marvelman stories written by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman.

It’s the final piece in a long, extensive, and informative round-up by Pádraig Ó Méalóid of everything that’s gone on over the last couple of years since Disney/Marvel obtained some of the rights to the Marvelman character.

Here’s how it starts:

“On Friday the 24th of July, 2009, Joe Quesada, then Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, accompanied by Dan Buckley, Marvel’s publisher, made an announcement at San Diego’s Comic-Con International, saying that Marvel Comics had bought the rights to Marvelman.

That’s now two and a half years ago (or a bit over 900 days, if you like), and we’re all more or less still waiting for them to announce what their actual plans are. Without attempting to draw any conclusions of my own here (because I’ll be doing that somewhere else, before the year is out), I thought I’d try to find out what theyhave said in those two and a half years.”

But if you’re in any way interested in the recent history of this long and tortuous saga, I definitely recommend you have a read at Pádraig’s blog.

Update: Andy Turnbull points out the Miracleman/Marvelman logo above isn’t actually from the comics as we thought, it’s from a really nice, crisp, clear experimental version he tried out himself.

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3 Responses to Marvel on Marvelman – “Sit tight. We’ll have some additional news soon.”

  1. No way of saying this without coming across as a bit churlish, but it would be nice to have some credit for the image. Its a cropped version of a cover design I did a few years ago.

  2. Andy, the fault would be mine, there. I though it was a more-or-less generic MM chest logo, rather than being from a specific piece of work. If I attribute it to you, do you have any thoughts on who I should attribute the actual copyright to?

    • Richard says:

      Andy, Padraig’s not to blame, as he’s grabbed the image either from google images or directly from this post I did way back in July 2009 –

      Obviously I was after a generic MM logo, as featured all over the comic. However, Padraig does have a very interesting point on this. I’m not excusing the fact I didn’t give credit, just trying to highlight the problems involved.