Lizz Lunney’s back… this time she’s taking her cast of wonderful odd bods to the Caves

Published On April 20, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Comics, Reviews

At The Caves

By Lizz Lunney

This is the second of Lizz Lunney’s proposed collection of “At The …” stories reflecting her love of the old “I Spy” books. She promises more to come on her blog, with such titles as At the Cinema, At the Post Office, At the Car Boot Sale, At the Jungle, At the Carpet Factory, At the Garden Centre, and her final, going to get her arrested comic; At Your House Watching You Sleep.

But here, we’re following up “At The Planetarium” with a trip to the caves for all of Lunney’s consistently wonderfully quirky and fun cast of characters.

Now, if you’ve experienced Lunney’s stuff before, you’ll find nothing new here, but that’s all part of the joy of what she does; her work comes at us in small, regular doses, and within those doses there’s more than enough to delight, interest, and make us giggle until the next time. A 200-page Lunney book might be a different thing entirely, but here, in 20 pages or less installments, this is just great stuff.

And if you’re new to Lunney’s stuff…. well, where the hell have you been? You’re missing some great work.

So, here we go again, all the familiar characters, all doing the usual, weird, marvellously wacky stuff we’ve become used to: Depressed Cat, Fat Pigeon + Smelly Pigeon, Sour Rabbit + Crispy Duck, Keith The Wizard and his magical Unicorns, Leaning Rabbit, and many, many more.

Last time At The Planetarium it was all in a suitably under the stars deep blue, here it’s a suitably nautical red and there’s even the chance to work out the secret message in the semaphore on the inside covers.

(Depressed Cat, a particular favourite of mine – like it, and you’ll love the Depressed Cat book)

(Silly ideas, and deep, deep thoughts …. what are those horses thinking?)

(Sour Rabbit has knee problems …. but not the ones he thought he had. Silly Rabbit!)

And if that doesn’t tickle something, then there’s probably no hope for you.

One last bit of art before I go, and a perfect representation of the other thing Lunney manages besides entertaining, delighting, and makiing you laugh and smile…. she has an ability to do something simple yet quite brilliant with her comic art. This is just fantastic; simple, brilliant, wonderful, silly, thoughtful, daft, all of the previous….

Or perhaps it’s just me? Does anyone else think this 4-panel strip is genius?

You can get all of Lizz’s lovely comics from her online shop. Go and buy them now, and let’s get everyone smiling.

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