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Published On March 15, 2012 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

The debate on gender and comics – both representation of gender and the gender divides in readership – is pretty much a perpetual, ongoing discussion in the comics world, but over on Warren Ellis’ site the excellent Leah Moore posts a guest blog discussing female readers and fan girls, not just in the regular comics should be better aimed at wider audience than fanboys manner but in a good, reasoned way considering also the sheer purchase power of the  fangirl army and how important that could be to the comics biz:

Girls read comics, not just Manga either. Girls read superhero comics, indie comics, autobiographical comics, historical comics, literary comics, horror comics, romance comics and even just plain terrible comics. Girls are comic fans. They want comics aimed at them, or aimed not at them, or just comics that are good. They want all the same things male comic fans want. They want to be sold to, they want to buy the cold cast porcelain model of Rogue looking badass and put it on their shelf. They want Wonder Woman underwear sets and Wolverine stationery for the new term. Women are just as whimsical, gullible, romantic and fanciful as men. They are capable of grasping the finer points of all the weird freaky made up stuff that we all commonly know to be “ACCEPTED CONTINUITY.”  They will talk about costume changes and characterisation. ”

(scene from The Thrill Electric by Leah Moore and John Reppion)

The latter part of the post where Leah makes the point about all those female readers and fangirls being a great untapped resource make a lot of business as well as artistic sense – as she says film manages it, music manages it, games, once seen as a similar bastion of male domination like comics, has increasingly become much better at catering to a wider audience, so why aren’t comics? Especially in the current economic climate where every penny counts? It’s a good piece, check it out. You can read a Director’s Commentary by Leah and John Reppion discussing their Thrill Electric here on the blog. (tip of the hat to Matt B for the link)

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