John Cei Douglas – so lovely, yet so little….

Published On April 14, 2012 | By Richard Bruton | Animation, Comics

Here’s a young artist that doesn’t get enough work out there; John Cei Douglas. It was nearly 4 years ago I first looked at his debut comic Buffalo Roots, and even interviewed him about it. Such talent, yet so little comics work since then. Odd strips here and there; Solipsistic Pop 3, Paper Science 3, Solipsistic Pop 4, Paper Science 7, various little things online.

But he’s one of a talented group of comic artists who ply their trade in illustration and do comics as and when they can. A shame, but financial reality is financial reality I suppose.

However, when he does put out stuff, it’s always worth a look.

Two recent pieces have just gone up on his Flickr page. Go and look, go and tell him how he should be doing more comics!

Follow Me – his strip from Paper Science 7. Limited signed & numbered A3 prints are available here.

The first page of Footnotes from Solipsistic Pop Volume 4.  The whole strip available at John Cei Douglas’ Flickr.

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