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Published On February 29, 2012 | By Joe Gordon | Comics

The other day we ran a special post featuring some tributes in words and pictures from a whole bunch of creators in the Brit comics community, all paying respect to the excellent Brett Ewins while he is facing some serious problems (see here). Before we embarked on asking those creators to contribute though, Matt talked to Rufus Dayglo, who as well as being a top artist in his own right is a good friend of Brett. He was kind enough to sound out the family to make sure they were fine with it as obviously we didn’t want to tread on any toes at a sensitive time, but they were more than happy with the idea of showing some support and love for Brett. Rufus has sent us his own contribution to that spread, but rather than add it in to the previous post I think it deserves to go here in a post of its own as he talks us through some art he and his friend created together for a proposed Bad Company prequel, but which sadly never actually got published. Over to Rufus:

In 2005, I’d proposed that Brett and I do a prelude to Bad Company… take it right back to it’s war comics roots. My plan had been to do it in 2-3 page installments in the back of the comic (A bit like Sooner or Later used to be on the back page…always a treat!) We thought short episodes would be best for Brett, so there’d be less pressure…

We’d planned that I’d pencil it, and Brett ink it, as he was too unwell to pencil it. We came up with a sypnopsis which we liked very much, and discussed it with Pete Milligan, but unfortunately he was super busy (With Marvel I think..)”

“We did a couple of test pages for Tharg, and some pin ups… but sadly, that was it. We did do a Bad Company cover together..and it’s something i still immensely proud of.

Brett’s a dear friend, and has mentored and helped many many artists… both as an editor (of Deadline) and as a teacher. He’s always generous, and one of the most beautiful people I know.

Ruf…. still in Bad Company….”

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One Response to In good company

  1. Matt Badham says:

    Lovely stuff.

    Shame the strip never happened.